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Real Conversations

Real Conversations is all about having honest, real conversations about tough topics facing families dealing with mental illness, addictions and more.  

These conversation are designed to helping families work together and come together through these tough times.

In this podcast series, Mona will be sharing key strategies and concepts to help families feel safe so that they can identify where they are in the “Wheel of Progress as a Family”.

Sponsored by Cool Family Solutions

 “Cool Family Solutions is “Giving our Clients their Life Back”

With a no-nonsense approach, families are able to navigate through a variety of circumstances when afflicted with mental health and addictions.  CFS ‘Gets It’, we get what others are going through.  With a track record of success, the CFS process provides authenticity and credibility. Using our toolbox of strategies families are strengthened and empowered to manage difficult situations.

We at CFS recognize that the entire family network is affected.  We have established an entire family process at the onset of our programs.  By giving the family a voice during this chaotic and confrontational time we prevent the family system from collapsing.  Our program has proven to leave families intellectually stronger being honest about the issues.  Families leave with the ability to focus on solutions and are able to set boundaries.  Our teaching strategies address emotions of shame, grief, guilt and hopelessness.

Our program builds confidence and gives families a sense of control. Cool Family Solutions is revolutionizing the mental health industry.  Our programs are the industry leader in building confidence providing families with a sense of control.  We have been recognized as providing a healing agent that will impact mental illness throughout the world.

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  • Daunting Expectations

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