The 8 Step Dream Business Plan

Achieve Your Dream Life & Business

The 8-Step Dream Business Plan was initially a few scribbles on a notepad during a National Best Financial Network leadership meeting, borne out of the desire to empower our advisors.

One of the easiest ways for new advisors to focus on their career path and overcome the challenges of building their business is to have a comprehensive business plan to refer to whenever the going gets tough. That’s where 8-Step Dream Business Plan comes in.

It isn’t a traditional business plan. It isn’t a plan that you would take to a bank to raise money or bring in shareholders – it is a Personal Plan.

Eventually, it became clear to me that this personalized business plan would work, not only for financial advisors, but could also be applied to any entrepreneur who is setting out to build a new business. At the behest of my colleagues and my publisher I committed to getting all of these ideas down on paper.

This book is the result of that singular idea scribbled on the page of a notebook in 2015.