The Girl Behind the Mask

I Am An Overcomer

The Girl Behind The Mask - Get You Visible Publishing

Each and every one of us go through our lives wearing more than one ‘mask’ to hide our innermost secrets. They act as a disguise to hide the true emotions that lie within our heart. They are our comfort zone. A mere disguise that doesn’t let anybody in. What if we had the courage to release these masks? The courage to let go of the past that binds us from living a full and more prosperous life? A life where we show the world just how strong we are?’The Girl Behind The Mask’ is the published work of Elizabeth C. Perez, who is a high performance lifestyle coach for women and founder of True Beauty Foundation. It is the brutally honest memoir of one woman’s journey to remove the ‘masks’ she wore throughout her life in order to hide, fit in, and settle. It will take you on a journey of defeat and hope, ultimately leaving you one step closer to leaving your own masks behind.