The Jam In My Sandwich

How To Create Harmony Even When Life Bites

The Jam In My Sandwich - Get You Visible Publishing

What does harmony mean to you?

We live in a sandwich society. Think of the bread as your life; the constantly evolving obligations and stressors of your environment: the economy, your loved ones, your family, your job, your health. Then, there’s the filling in the middle of your sandwich. This is where life happens. This is you. You are the jam in your sandwich. It is your responsibility to keep your jam healthy, whole and happy, helping you maintain the harmonious blend with the world around you that we all strive for.

Part personal development, part poetry, The Jam in My Sandwich offers gentle guidance on creating harmony in your life even when life takes a bite out of your sandwich. Drawing from the author’s life story shared through the evocative vignettes of Part 1, Part 2 then draws from those life experiences to create the ultimate gift for the reader: The Harmony Cycle.