The Pink Mountain

While a breast cancer diagnosis is terrifying, Cindy acts as a modern day cancer whisperer. From your moment of discovery, when you feel like you’re in a car that’s speeding, reckless and out of control – Cindy’s words show you how to take the wheel, slow down and reclaim control.

In this perspective altering book, you’ll discover that while you can’t alter your cancer diagnosis, you can control your response and maneuver through it. That is your superpower.

Cindy, takes you by the hand, gives you specific tools and support, so that the feeling of being victimized by breast cancer, doesn’t make you a victim. She expands the path for you, showing you that the power of a warrior lies within and thriving through the journey, is your other option. While cancer isn’t easy; you don’t have to sit in fear and feel powerless.

That’s why Cindy wrote this book, because while she was in treatment, she found another way and you can too. Discovering the cancer journey through your own mindset, awareness and sense of empowerment helps you take back your life.

This book, being part Eat, Pray Love and part Wild provides you with a detailed process to help you prepare for the rough terrain ahead. It also gives you the wisdom of an experienced trail guide to help keep you from getting lost along the way. You can conquer your fears, be the warrior you are, and thrive your climb up the pink mountain.