From Battlefield to Home

From Shadows to Light

Join host Olivia Kachman as she talks with Lisa and Mike Adams as they share both their individual stories and family stories as they relate to the impact of PTSD, and how their family was able to come to better understand PTSD.

Get to Know Lisa Adams: 

Lisa is a Life Coach, fitness trainer, and professional speaker. Lisa has been a part of the military family for over 20 years. She brings a unique approach to dealing with trauma that stems from her marriage to a military member who was injured and diagnosed with PTSD in 2006. Lisa has experience working as an Education Assistant supporting students with trauma issues, special needs, and learning disabilities. She has been a volunteer with the Peer Support Program with Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS) for the past 3 years. Lisa has multiple diplomas in Professional PTSD Counselling, Fitness and Nutrition, Personal Training, as well as certifications in Cognitive Behaviour Techniques, Empowerment Life Coaching, Reiki Master, and Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner. Lisa is continually updating her trauma training. Her mission is to “Educate and empower, one person at a time.”

Get to Know Mike Adams: 

Mike is currently a serving member in the Canadian Armed Forces. Mike’s career started over 23 years ago as a member of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. He is currently a Land
Communication and Information System Technician. He has had multiple deployments both domestic and international.

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