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What’s Balance Got to do with it?

What’s Balance Got to Do With It? | Barefoot Balance | Lisa Berry

Join host Heather Andrews as she talks with co-author Lisa Berry about how she sees posture and how people carry themselves as a direct reflection of what’s going on inside of them. She also talks about how when things are viewed with a “new” set of eyes, it can bring a new angle or perception, as well as how much control we really have over our health, and happiness. Get to Know Lisa Berry… Lisa Berry is an expert at breathing life into the dreams of people who want to create a Lifestyle Lovestory for themselves. Lisa wears many hats in her personal career, and her years as an International Radio Show Host, Podcast Trainer, and International Best Selling Author, coupled with her high vibration and love for health and wellness make her perfect in the field of Public Relations & Media. She coaches other show hosts on how to[…]

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What’s Balance Got to Do With It? | “No” Is a Complete Sentence | Lily Ahonen

Join host Heather Andrews as she talks with co-author Lily Ahonen about resiliency, overcoming obstacles, what her “why” is, and what has kept her going when times have gotten tough. Get to Know Lily Ahonen… Lily Ahonen has a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology and made a career change in 2006 into the field of Nursing. She has been a Nurse for medically fragile children for over a decade. She loves to travel and has been to over 40 countries. Lily enjoys activities like running with bulls, car racing, rappelling down buildings for charity, and skydiving. Lily is Ms. Galaxy Calgary 2020/2021, Miss Angel Queen 2020, and was the 2019 National Canadian Ms. Calgary Titleholder. Lily Ahonen is the Country Director for Canada for the International Youth Society and for the International Foundation of Women. She is an Ambassador for Gems for Gems, an organization that assists survivors of domestic[…]

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