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Obstacles Equal Opportunities |With Heather Andrews|Life Journeys |Chris Koper

Join guest Chris Koper, Landscape artist, and garden designer, as she shares with host Heather Andrews about her life journeys from a stay at home mom, making a living as a hairdresser and moving towards landscape and garden design which ultimately became her passion.

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As a stay at home mom and part-time hairdresser, Chris felt she needed more to fill my tank with learning and accomplishment. She became a Master Gardener, then took courses in Landscape Design. Chris then designed, built and ran the West Hillhurst Community garden and also Designed a courtyard with the 6th grade class of Senator Patrick Burns School. Chris was able to help raise over $100,000 and it appeared on a commercial for COOP Community Spaces. Chris has now stepped down from the community garden to help people design their awesome outdoor spaces! Chris’s tank now feels full with every accomplishment she adds to it!

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