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Self Love Elevated | Beautifully Broken | Melinda Pokolinski

Join host Heather Andrews as she talks with special guest and co-author in the best-selling book Self Love Elevated, Melinda Pokolinski, about her personal journey through open adoption.

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Daughter, wife, mother, teacher, writer, and birthmother. Melinda is all of these things and more. Her vision is to share her experience and journey as a birthmother to improve how society perceives open adoption. Melinda’s mission is to help increase the number of successful, happy, open adoptions. Melinda has experiences and strategies to share that emphasize self-love and knowing yourself to follow God’s purpose in your life. This self-love, which was built through a strong and loving support system (her bottom hands) throughout her life, is what allows her to pass these practices on to her students in the classroom and on to society as an open adoption advocate. Melinda uses what has been shown to her about a loving family to build her own loving family with her husband and son. This chapter is what was revealed to Melinda as she explored why she is who she is.

Through time, reflection, bravery, prayer, pondering, therapy, and all the things, she has learned to love and accept who she is with compassion and pride and, ultimately, that she herself is a bottom hand. She has discovered who she is and what her purpose is. Melinda knows that she was led through these experiences to help others and support them with all the love and support she was given to follow God’s plan and purpose for life.

This chapter is a stepping stone to her own book about her open adoption journey and how to make it a positive experience for everyone involved.

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