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The Heather Andrews Show | A Shopgirl’s Tale | Elisa Gabrielle Donahue

Elisa Gabrielle Donahue, author of A Shopgirl’s Tale, joins Heather Andrews to talk about her book and how being published has changed her life.

Get to know Elisa Gabrielle Donahue…

Elisa Garbrielle Donahue was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. Having arrived well past her due date and via a C-section, the quintessentially Cancerian blonde has continued her life thereafter longing to be in water, and doing things best when done in her own time.

Realizing early on that her passion was writing, she graduated from SUNY Purchase with a BA in Journalism in 2008. The multifaceted millennial next went on to be a nanny for a wonderful family for three years and then experienced her own shopgirl days after the family she had been working for moved out of state.

When not penning her next novel or debating which is her favorite Mountain in Disney World, Elisa spends her days being taken on adventures by her Cavapoo, Graham, a “muppet-looking” ray of sunshine. It’s been a winding road for Elisa but, as always, she believes she’s exactly where she is meant to be right now.

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