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What’s MONEY Got to do With It? With Heather Andrews | Emotions and Money | Jay Tsougrianis

Join Jay Tsougrianis, financial coach, as she talks with Heather Andrews about learning to manage your emotions around money, savings and spending. Heather explores with Jay what finally made her come to terms with her negative relationship to money, what steps she took to take accountability of her poor spending habits, and how she felt about ignoring her poor spending habits even though she has a background in finance.

Meet Jay Tsougrianis…

Jay has a degree in management with a major in finance from the University of Calgary. She worked briefly selling mutual funds and as an analyst in the oil and gas industry before finding her way into pharmaceutical and medical sales. After years of pushing herself to the brink in order to be recognized, Jay suffered mental and physical burnout and left the industry.

After regaining her life balance, and re-evaluating her life purpose, she discovered that true joy came from helping others to become their best selves. She decided she wanted to help others through sharing what she had learned in her self-discovery journey and has since become a life coach with a focus on stress management, life balance, budgeting, and finance, as well as goal setting and accountability.

Jay now leads a public speaking club in Calgary, Alberta where she empowers others to speak their authentic truth and build their businesses through public speaking.

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