The Power Of Innocence

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Power of Innocence - Get You Visible Podcasting

Join host Nadine Hatzitolios McGill as she talks with Mason and Makayla Van der Kooij, young entrepreneurs, about self-esteem, responsibility, dedication, open-mindedness, and being community-oriented. She also shares about how age is not a barrier to accomplishing your goals.

Get to know Makayla and Mason Van der Kooij…

Makayla Van der Kooij is 7 years old and currently in grade 2. She started an egg business with her brother, Mason, in 2018. Makayla and Mason started out with just a few chickens. Makayla and Mason’s dad helped them build a chicken coop for 26 chickens. She and her brother incubated 6 eggs in January and 3 chicks hatched. They are now raising those chickens. They have to be responsible for their chickens every day by feeding and giving them water as well as collecting the eggs.