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Healing Shame - WisdomWays Radio Ep 18 - Tenacious Living Network

WisdomWays Radio I Healing Shame

Healing Shame

Shame is a true emotion and therefore has a positive side to it. No emotions are “bad” unless they are rejected, not owned or go unexpressed. Emotions are meant to move, motivate and move us into action. They are energy in motion.

However, shame in our personal and collective experience in this world today is out of balance and is being used in unhealthy ways. Many, if not most, people have received an overload of shame early in life which has gone unexpressed. Shamed-based adults virally project and pass their shame onto others, and in particular, their children. This shame-based behavior is an intense shadow that we carry and detrimental to our well being.

More than any other emotion, it has the potential to keep us trapped in old limiting patterns of behavior unless we turn towards it and resolve it. Unresolved shame can block other healing. If you are stuck in old patterns, pain and struggling and cannot seem to get free no matter what you do, then there is a good possibility that unhealthy shame is one of the shadows that is binding you.

In this podcast, Richard will talk about the shame that binds us and how to identify if shame is something that you need to look at and heal if you want to create better health, wealth and self esteem and relationships.


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