The Jam in My Sandwich

The Jam In My Sandwich - Get You Visible Publishing

What does harmony mean to you? We live in a sandwich society. Think of the bread as your life; the […]

Roam Free

Roam Free - Get You Visible Publishing

What would you do if, at the pinnacle of a career you adored, you were laid off? When up-and-coming travel […]

Finding Serenity

Finding Serenity - Get You Visible Publishing

Join Holly Valentine-McDonald as she takes a refreshing look at what lies beyond the mat, combining various types of yoga, […]

Happy Naked

Happy Naked - Get You Visible Publishing

YES! THIS IS THE BOOK THAT DOES IT ALL. Many ‘how to—lose weight, get fit, live in peace’—books are instructional. […]

Pippili’s Special Day

Pippili's Special Day - Get You Visible Publishing

A cute book that is fun to read with your kids as they learn how to be good people! Spend […]

What’s Money Got To Do With It?

What's Money Got To Do With It? - Get You Visible Publishing

What’s Money Got to Do with It will elevate your financial thinking through real-world scenarios, while giving you fresh new tools […]