The Jam in My Sandwich

The Jam In My Sandwich - Get You Visible Publishing

What does harmony mean to you? We live in a sandwich society. Think of the bread as your life; the constantly evolving obligations and stressors of your environment: the economy, your loved ones, your family, your job, your health. Then, there’s the filling in the middle of your sandwich. This is where life happens. This […]

Roam Free

Roam Free - Get You Visible Publishing

What would you do if, at the pinnacle of a career you adored, you were laid off? When up-and-coming travel blogger, Charlotte Tweed, was flung into the no-woman’s-land of debt and unemployment – she didn’t hide under the covers. She reinvented her life through travel! Roam Free is a deeply personal and often hilarious travel […]

Finding Serenity

Finding Serenity - Get You Visible Publishing

Join Holly Valentine-McDonald as she takes a refreshing look at what lies beyond the mat, combining various types of yoga, breathwork, and Cognitive Behavioural psychology coping techniques to get you out of your negative headspace, and move you closer to a place of peaceful BE-ing—whatever your age or stage in life. Valentine-McDonald’s work will help you […]

Miss Claire Has Lost Her Flair

Miss Clair Has Lost Her Flair - Get You Visible Publishing

Miss Claire is a teacher who delights and inspires her students with dazzling pizazz and a huge heaping of love. Her classroom is a rainbow-colored world, full of music, laughter and ideas. Until one day, it wasn’t: for Miss Claire mysteriously loses her flair. In this vibrant rhyming story, discover why Miss Claire suddenly goes […]

Dust Yourself Off, My Dear: Nine Lessons for Living Your Best Life

Dust Yourself Off My Dear - Get You Visible Publishing

Are you tired of having to be a “strong” woman? Do you wish you didn’t need to have everything figured out all of the time? Are you sick of being all things to all people? Are you exhausted from trying to meet everyone’s expectations, including your own? The good news is that you don’t have to do […]

Happy Naked

Happy Naked - Get You Visible Publishing

YES! THIS IS THE BOOK THAT DOES IT ALL. Many ‘how to—lose weight, get fit, live in peace’—books are instructional. Such are best for assembling simple furniture; life requires more than a framework of ‘do this’ and ‘do that’. ‘Happy Naked’ links instruction with real live situations. Real people have real stories. You are a […]

Pippili’s Special Day

Pippili's Special Day - Get You Visible Publishing

A cute book that is fun to read with your kids as they learn how to be good people! Spend a day with Pippili as she moves through her neighborhood visiting her friends and having fun. Pippili is completing her Good Person Passport by being a nice person and doing kind things during her day. […]

Obstacles Equal Opportunities Volume II

Obstacles Equal Opportunities - Volume II - Get You Visible Publishing

Life has a way of throwing lemons at us when we least expect it. So, what can you do with those lemons? You fire up the juicer and prep the lemonade stand! Join visibility strategist and publisher, Heather Andrews and thirteen of her inspiring co-authors as they share their personal experiences with some of life’s […]

How a Gorilla, Orphan, and Monk Saved My Life

How a Gorilla, Orphan, and Monk Saved My Life - Get You Visible Publishing

Marni chose adventure. She camped in the midst of wild animals, climbed formidable mountains, volunteered with unconventional projects, and immersed herself in adventures throughout Africa and Southeast Asia. This is a delectable story of exotic experiences rooted in fearless wandering, peppered with cultural and historical insights, and seasoned with inspiration. This heartwarming yet riveting narrative […]

What’s Money Got To Do With It?

What's Money Got To Do With It? - Get You Visible Publishing

What’s Money Got to Do with It will elevate your financial thinking through real-world scenarios, while giving you fresh new tools to help you move through your current financial state into one of abundance, freedom and peace of mind. For most of us, money is a topic we would rather not talk about openly–particularly where debt is concerned. […]