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Betrayal of Money - WisdomWays Radio Ep 16 - TLR Station

WisdomWays Radio | Betrayal of Money

Betrayal of Money

What are you experiencing with money? Is it abundant, flowing and empowering your life or do you find yourself scraping together just enough to pay the rent? Are you experiencing increasing debt? Do you live in the constant fear that you will lose everything because of the lack of money? Money is a great teacher for everyone and especially for spiritually inclined people aiming to claim their authentic power. Money is energy and how it shows up in your life may be showing you important clues to where you are not owning your light. Think of it as a powerful mirror and friend that is challenging you to be all you can be. In this podcast, we will look at why money may be betraying you and how by embracing your light, money will then embrace you.



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