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The Darkside Of Caretakers -WisdomWays Radio Ep 15 Cover

WisdomWays Radio | The Darkside of Caretakers

The Darkside of Caretakers

Do you find fulfillment in taking care of others?  Do you believe that selfless service is the answer to a better world? If so, how is that working out for you?  Do you find yourself depleted? Do you attract a never-ending stream of family, friends, colleagues, victims or causes in the world that seem to take your energy rather than build your energy?

This podcast looks at the wonderful archetype of the caretaker and the traps that they can get into when they are out of balance or unevolved. Out of balance, caretakers unconsciously give of themselves but may not receive very well. They inappropriately rescue rather than empower others to step into their own capacities. They can think they are in pure service of others when it is really driven from their unhealed wounds and ego payoffs. Join in on this podcast to discover and embrace any caretaker shadows that you may have and step into a more enlightened service and balance of yourself and others.


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