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WisdomWays Radio | Embracing Innocence

Embracing Innocence

Have you lost your innocence? Do you carry guilt around consciously or subconsciously? Guilt could be our biggest barrier to awakening from this experience of pain and suffering and yet for most people it is so hard to let it go. Even if we do not feel the guilt ourselves, if we declare others guilty, then that is a projection of our own subconscious guilt. Guilt is all about the past and the past is gone. We think we can know someone from our past memories of them, but is that true? What if it is our beliefs about another that creates our experience of them? What if we saw others without the past projection but with spiritual sight – with unconditional love and innocence. The truth is that we are pure innocence and when we fully embrace our innocence, we are free. Join me in this podcast as we investigate the nightmare of separation, suffering and pain and how embracing pure innocence awakens us to peace.



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