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Loving Your Body - WisdomWays Radio Ep 21 - TLR Station

WisdomWays Radio | Loving Your Body

Loving Your Body

Are you loving and accepting your body as it is and as it changes? Do you see and feel it in its beauty and power or do you project disgust, dislike or even hatred onto it? Is your body your friend or the enemy which never cooperates with you?

Our collective consciousness and beliefs are very ‘physically-based’. As a result, our perception of beauty and body image tends to be shallow or ‘skin-deep’. We have been ‘programmed’ from childhood about what the perfect body ‘should look like’ and as a result most of us reject our body or cannot fully BE with our body. In this, the body becomes our enemy rather than the powerful friend and ally it is designed to be. Friends work with us, enemies don’t. We are usually open to listening to our friends, but not our enemies. Join me in this podcast as we learn about the shadows of our physical body and how owning, accepting and embracing your body changes your whole relationship to it. Fully embracing your body as it is and as it changes results in greater ease with health, fitness, self esteem and your relationship with others.


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